Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥ :D

Hey guys !
Actually we wanted to go sungai wang and time sqaure with my grandparents .
My grandfather was lazy to drive to KL .
Sooooooooo,we went to the boring Ikano
went there to buy stationery ? -___-
damn boring la weihh
grandma bought me 3 shirts for Chinese New Year :D
from Girls .
girls is quite expensive,but their quality is quite good too~
hehess .

The 3 shirts that I bought :) But I still feel like buying da DOMO shirt ! x)

This photo is last week one .
Look how messy is my hair .
sot jor la weihh me XD
Kay bahss,byee . will update next week .
Lazy to update actually.Anyway,I just try my best larh .

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