Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My boring Holiday.

I'm back. Whoa, like finally right? I aboded my blog for 2 weeks i think.Let's see, do i have any homework for holiday? No .But wait, i do have project. Sigh -.- Was suppose to go Sunway with ma old classmate and she fong fei gei.So i ask yinghui to go out with me today,and she sms me yesterday that she can't go tmr cause its her cousin's bday. OKAAAAYY. I'm fadap -_- And she asked me to go tmr.k, i'll go. Cause staying at home is boring :l  Last week's daddie's bday. Just a few photos.

New style? lol.Rebonded >:D 

Make a simple card for daddie. Iknowitsugly. :x

Aha! finally daddie let me use his DSLR. Like finally.

Some stupid malay guy called my hp and ask me 'lu di mana'? and i said 'siapa awak? then i just off the phone.  And he called the second time. And i said ' Apa lu mahu'? he din answer me -.-'' and i said 'siapa lu'? he said ' awak tak tahu lu'? lol, And i just say wrong number!wrong number! And he said 'tak ada wrong number'!  FEEL LIKE SLAPPING HIS FACE! STUPID MALAY GUY! KEEP ON SAYING LULULU -___-  Dad said maybe he prank call me,wtf. 

End here, Ciao :)

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