Sunday, July 3, 2011

Last Saturday night.

OH HEYYYYYY IM BACK.This gonna be a long post i guess.Went out with my ladies last Saturday @ pappa rich for a drink, and we decided to go 100 yen to buy some stuffs.After that we went Giant.HOHOHO.Isawdomothereisawdomothere At Night,we went Selayang for dinner to celebrate Yirou's bday and we went Damansara pub to drink!Felt bored so we went to the playground to play crazily! It was fawesomeeeeeee! Qi gek much. xD

                                                Woke up early in the morning to prepare.

                                                  Whole shelf of domo. :D
                                      With ash ash ashleyyyyyyy.Forgotten to take with cheng ching. :p
                                                     After that, went home and get myself ready!
                                            Outfit of the day. C:

                                                                 With the Birthday girl! 

                                                         They love drinking. ')

                                           While waiting ,we went to the park and play. Wheeee

                                                          Look how she play! HAHAHAH




                                                                              End post with a crazy face. :p
Ciao. Wait for me to update yeah! 

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