Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Mid autumn festival!

Hi peoples. Im late again. Yea i know : B K nowwww, let's start the topic!
Happy Mid Autumn  festival ahhhhhhhhoooooi howdies! So how did you peoples celebrate? Mine was great. enjoying playing with fire & lanterns! Huhuuuu ma fav. I've got a new wishlist. arghhhh.I want an iPhone so badly! :p I know im too expensive lol, psps. Target too high >< 
Photo spam! :D

First of all, exam is coming again. Imma frustrated, idk what to do that's why. 
Started to play on Sunday night. 

Ms princess lantern. Lol 

Opps, i accidentally burn this white thingy. :l

Finally finished updatingggggg! ciaoz. 

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