Saturday, October 8, 2011

Love you like a love song.

Annyeong! Idk i spelled it correct or wrong.Sorry for not updating so long. K,exam is coming again. Ughh, gonna be busy next week. Will be going to a book fair on a cruise this coming Friday, hope im gonna have fun. :l My hair's like sampat po nao shrimp my fringe.

First,gonna introduce this! KINDER CHOCO.

Brought back from Paris. Its cheaper there in packets.

Well,are you a choco lover?
Went Little Pantry to have lunch with mua parents. 

Spaghetti bolognise.

The environment there was awesome! Free cake for you if you celebrate your birthday there.

Their dressing was so

Short fringe.

Update after exam's over! Kthxbai.

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