Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 ♥

Hi readers,
sorry for New Year late post .
Happy New Year !
Well,yesterday countdown at pub with father's friends.
Many games there ,
Karaoke too !
2010 had gone,2011 had come .
school is also gonna reopen.
Just left two more days,school is gonna reopen .
I dun think I'm ready .
I still want holiday ! Holiday is fun . But, sometimes very boring,everyday just sit infront of the computer . -___-
Goshh,time past so fast . Just like "lost time is never found again" :D
Guess what ? I have a good news... My BFF have a BF muahaha XDD
1 Best Friend 1 is my dude :P
Sho damn funny hearing my dude say he likes her . (;
Arghh,having BBQ tonite if I din guess wrong .
This few days, dunno why can't sleep .
Maybe I'm excited although I dun wanna go to school .

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