Monday, December 13, 2010

♥ :D

I'm totally crazy ?
Christmas is coming !
I will post those photos that I take in midvalley .
Not nao . Next post .
when neighbour's house today .
their house supaa HOT !
I can't believe their house is so messy
btw,really have fun lar .
This week quite busy .
gotta go to friend's bday party,celebrate christmas early and wedding party .
except for week days.
feel bored everyday ,every night . XD
when school reopen?
I wanna go to school !
What I do during holidays?
Eat . Sleep . Play , That's all
There's a orentation for december 30th .
Gonna meet new friends :P

End with a BFF picha , took it at Midvalley Gardence.

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