Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apple is good , it has pass.

Aloha bitches! I'm back from my mid-term exam , just a short update.
Do anyone miss me ? lol.
Finally , im so happy nao.But afraid of results.Already got some papers .__.
Just gonna shut my mouth
Bitch, do you know that ?
Why you have to make things so complicated ? I see was you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated ,life's like this you.You're really too much. Well , as you know i tweet more than i blog. Sowie ,  blame it on my exam heheh, i have no time to on cause i have to study like shit all over night. I start to lurve chatime , snowflake and tutti-frutti. >:D
I lurve this edit :') colorful huh ?
Daddy bought iPad 2 ! He went there on 7 in the morning to line up , lol.So crazy ;p 
Better than iPad 1 i think , the line is quiet fast.Camwhore there too. xD

Bought this smart cover which is magnetic one.

Dad bought this green cover. :D

I'll try to update more often.
Lurve to tweet weih, heh.You can hit me if you want.Lol jokin'
Wish you guys 黄色节快乐 ! 

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