Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunway 2342011

ohh well , back again. As you know im always bored at home maaaah,so i decided to update my blog :S Went sunway with friends yesterday, we walked there ? :O IT WAS BORED, YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY. pffft you fellows. -.-
I swear i won't go out with you peeps next time ;p can't watch my movie JB Never say never. GRRRRRRRR, slap you peeps weih. I follow them to make their tattos at asian avenue and pierced their ears at Poh kong and.. idk why must they eat expensive food,Sakae sushi. wtf, 72++
I'm gonna brankrupt and my money is finally gone.BYE BYE. After that, I followed my few friends Sarah and theng theng to eat HoneyMoon ! felt more happy with them :D but then, sarah needa follow her sister to go eat lucnh :S so i just share a bowl of dessert with theng theng.Hahaah we ordered another bowl. lol .__. Just a few photos.

                          we went to Old town white coffee
                                 to have lunch.

                           Sophia don't like smiling :O

                        PEACE YO ;p

                            umm, ignore.DOMO IS BACK :S

my neigbour's rotweiler just born out 11 puppies yesterday. TOTALLY CUUUUTE :D

                      so cute hor hor hor ? x)
                     I must help Chanel to find boyfriend then.
                         NEXT YEAR YOUR TURN  chanel ! :D

TeeeeeeeeeeHee. ciao. ;p

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