Monday, March 14, 2011

Cross Country. 11'

 Well,I'm been posing two post a day.WTH.
I'm too bored. Talking bout cross country its sho tired.

Cross country last friday.Running along the road and sho many people watching us running. Exausted ! :O 4.5km is very very hard.Uhhhh,MY LEG! D:This is my first time running sho fast :/ I got 3rd place,Mua first time. :D Those teachers keep cheering us FASTER FASTER ! LOL-LIPOP,I'm already very fast.You still want me to be more fast ? -.- I'm getting more excited bout Sports Day! wheee :D
I joined 100m,long jump and discuss. Actually I don't wanna join 100m. My fwens keep yelling at me to join that. ISHHHHHHHHH >< whatever~ who cares huh. xD

                                                         LMAO.Imma already exausted. D:

                                                       Our Red House captain.

Ciao yea!

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