Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool.

Happy April Fool guys !
How was your day today ? Did you have any fun ?
Well,I did have a little bit fun.My friends went to the canteen to buy those soft cakes to put on our face,somehow one girl she brought a packet of flour.But to me,April Fool is just like the normal days.
I was like whatthehackwhatthehack.
I wanted to update my blog yesterday.But I'm too lazy to update :/
JUST SHUT UP BITCH. You know why the reason I say this,if you're my friend you should know. :) Okay,I just really hate my maid Jenny.She's just so stubborn.
SLUT :p Warining her,DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY YOU BITCH.Just stop it.
Last week's sports day was...Idk how to describe.Ummmm,Terrible or should I say its stupid.I can't run.And my mom said I was like jogging,not running.I replied,"you should run laaah" SO CLEVER,RIGHT ? :D And I just play crazily with my neighbour;Crystal last week.We just act like we were dancing Waka-waka.Hehee,It was fun x) AND I TOOK PICTURES. I'm gonna share it out next time.Maybe you needa wait for a long time,sowie,I'm so lazy to update.

Its 1133p.m.Time passes damn fast.
Gotta say GoodNite.
Ciao. :D

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