Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School trip Zoo Negara ...

P/S.TOLD YOU THAT YOU NEEDA WAIT FOR A LONG TIME TO WAIT FOR ME TO UPDATE.So,now I'm back ;pActually i really don't know what should i write,as the title is'school trip Zoo Negara' :S School trip yesterday. AND YOU KNOW GOING TO THEZOO IS BORING RIGHT ? UGHHH, so cham we have to go to the zoo and take pictures of those animals,Mr.Paul said that we're all like those monkeys at there .__. Well,its his birthday yea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KGH. :) Just wishing him only,don't think too much. o.O  Exam still left 2 weeks or sumthin,SHIT ! IHAVEN'TEVENSTUDY ;p Really kinda hate this school,gourment school is better i guess.Annnnnnnnd,jenny wants my parents to buy her a phone,just shut up la you.Already buy camera still wanna buy phone ? You come here to work leh, not playing all this gagets. Understand bo ? =v= If you like to buy these gagets you can work at the office as my mom said this too,she likes staying in her room and idk what on earth is she writing. ohhmyeffgod lar you.Now she's angry at me again.IF I'M HER MOM I WOULD SLAP HER.Buy things for her already still like that ? "yat ba leong ba kam lok hui". Not kesian at all :D ahhh, i think she's staying here.She's gonna extand 1 more year.Toloooong,I really don't want her to work here anymore. I REALLY HATE PEOPLE THAT ARE SMALL GAS :S SIGH. pffft her. ( I KNOW I'M WRITING ALL THIS SHIT THINGS HERE,SOWIE, I MUST WRITE! ) JB'S NEVER SAY NEVER MOVIE ! I MUST WATCH ! :D

                       Our meal is super lousy ! .__.

                     The Justin Bieber :D lol,it was cool tho.

                      THIS ONE WAS CUTE. PONY ? :)

                     Sea Lion.This is the female ones,the male
                           ones is kinda fat.But cute.

                           Mr.Paul so brave weih.

                         Its bubble time :B

                             I LURVE THIS. HEHEHEH

                         YAAY.Finally! I got my dear Domo.
                         Hmmm,I'm gonna collect em' all :D

                           crystal's Domo :v
                        Those who don't like Domo just shut up.
                          Don't say anything bad bout Domo.xD
                             HEHEHHE, just joking ;p



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