Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happie CNY ! Post 1

Well,hey guys. Happie CNY ! :)

Went to watch SHAOLIN yesterday at Pavilion.Wahaha, sho "gam dong" Jenny cried !
Wootz,Totally no mood these few days.
Hmmm,these few days of CNY I get lotsa angpau ~
Went 1U today. [sho crowded] =v=
wanted to go father's fren's house . AT THE END .
Noooo ! -.- Dunno what's wrong with them .
Okay.Fine,really no mood today ."WHAT IS GOING ON HUH"?
I feel like saying what's wrong with u guys !? stop lar !It makes people very scared you know ! o.oI wonder,why this year's CNY sho quiet and boring. Really Boring Boring Boring neh.
Urgh,school gonna reopen on monday.Don't feel like going to school.Btw,I told my mum to not let uncle van to fetch me xD . so my mum is gonna fetch me . yeahh ! :D
Exam is coming sooner and sooner. And I'm sho lazy to study . hehess .
Thanks. (:

Buh-byess ;D
Love,taNNia .

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