Friday, February 25, 2011


Just a short post here. (:
Yeppyyyyyyy ! EXAM IS OVER.
well well well, Nao I'm afraid of the result.
I just got my science paper yesterday. Okay okay lar. Still in average -.-
Forget bout it,ITS OVER.
Finally I got time to blog. TeeHeeeeee.
Suppose to go Sunway with fwens yesterday.nobody fetch me,Nvm lur. Going to have a 6V gathering on next Saturday. Wheeee, FINALLY ! long time din see each other. 6V I MISSYOUGUYS!
Ohhgod,puan shermalin is leaving nxt monday I think. 1 Beta will be very lonely without her. She teach us Sejarah very good. Kinda ? Mua bored day .___.
Mua mum ask me to study. I replied, EXAM IS OVER. STILL STUDY ?
LAWL,I noe I'm bad. xD seroiusly,I don't wanna study. Cause exam is over :D

Heehees. Ignore Ignore. :p

                                                    Plant by my Susi.Can I sell ? o.O

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