Monday, February 14, 2011

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Hey guys!
This is gonna be my last post of CNY xD
My hand sho pain la weihh -.-
INJECTION IHATEYOU! shooooo away x)
left 2 more then gao dim
Might be pain tmr.
Next week exam already. OMGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
sien zzz
And this few days I'm sho busy.So I didin't edit my photos.
Kay bahs,here are my last CNY photos hahhahaa .
                              DOMO DOMO DOMO :)
                    Funny lar them,play fireworks in the morning o.0
                      Memememeeeee,jenny call me to post like that. WTH
                         Patika with me ;)
                        HERE COME THE CRAZY AND MAD WOMEN :D
Finally finish my CNY post. 

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